Ultrapurification of water

For more than a century, Barnstead has achieved unsurpassed excellence in laboratory water purification. 

It was William Barnstead who introduced the first water purification system for Massachusetts General Hospital in 1878. 

The Barnstead NANOpure DIamond system meets the needs of today's research scientits.

High value at an affordable price: 
  • Exceeds the requirements of the most demanding application
  • Volumetric and timed dispense capabilities
  • Complete quality monitoring through measurement of resistivity and in oprion the TOC
  • Simple maintenance with one-connection cartridge pack and automatic sanitization feature
  • Quiet operation due to improved pump design
  • Space saving and compact design
  • Price attractive


ULTRApure water NANOpure


NANOpure systems

Reference Type Recommended usage Typical application
D 11901 NANOpure Analytical for the most general laboratory applications AA, standard preparation, high purity rinsing...
D 11941 NANOpure Analytical TOC ( * )  id. id.
D 11911 NANOpure UV For critical analytical applications with lowest level of organic carbon HPLC, IC, GC&GC/MS, TOC analysis, ICP, ICP/MS
D 11951 NANOpure UV TOC ( * ) id. id.
D 11921 NANOpure DIamond UF for biologically pure water including pyrogen free Celle and tissue culture, monoclonal antibody production...
D 11961 NANOpure DIamond UF TOC ( * ) id. id.
D 11931 NANOpure DIamond Life Science UV/UF for applications requiring nuclease and pyrogen free water PCR, 2-D electrophoresis, DNA studies...
D 11971 NANOpure DIamond Life Science UV/UF TOC ( * ) id. id.
   ( * )more details on TOC Analyser    

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  NANOpure Analytical Cartridge pack Display

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NANOpure Analytical

NANOpure DIamond Analytical
The perfect system for your most sensitive analytical procedures including; Atomic Absorption (AA), ICP and ICP/MS and Ion Chromatography (IC). Customize your DIamond with the DIamond cartridge pack that is designed specifically for your feed water and application

  More details on NANOpure DIamond Analytical 


NANOpure DIamond UV
The ideal system for your most critical analytical applications, which require the absolute lowest level of organic carbon, including HPLC, GC-MLS, IC, and TOC analysis, and also trace metal analysis by ICP-MS where organically bound metals are of concern 

  More details on NANOpure DIamond UV


NANOpure DIamond UF
When it is essential that your ultrapure water contain undetectable levels of Pyrogens, the DIamond UF is the right choice. The ultrafilter incorporated within the system produces water with less than 0.001 Eu/ml and log reduction values (LRV) over 6. To prevent the build up of contaminants on the surface of the membrane, the DIamond will periodically automatically flush water to drain. The automatic cleaning cycle enables you to routinely clean the system quickly and effectively. The ideal system for any application requiring pyrogen free water including cell and tissue culture. The ultrafilter also has demonstrated effectiveness in eliminating nucleases such as RNase.

Unique Features – NANOpure DIamond UF
• The NANOpure DIamond UF uses a hollow fiber ultrafilter that ensures product water with less than 0.001 Eu/ml pyrogens (bacterial endotoxins)
• Provides low cost biologically pure water with 5-10 ppb TOC (total organic carbon) and up to 18.2 megohm-cm resistivity
• An automatic or manual intermittent flush cleans the ultrafilter without wasting valuable high purity water
• Ideal for critical application including cell and tissue culture, monoclonal antibody production and DNA studies
• Deliver water up to eight feet away with the optional remote dispenser
• Water exiting the system has < 1 CFU/ml bacteria levels
• Comes complete with a wall mounting bracket

  More details on NANOpure DIamond UF 

NANOpure Life Science UV-UF 

NANOpure DIamond Life Science UV-UF
The most complete water system on the market today. Includes the latest advances in ion exchange and filtration technologies as well as a dual wavelength UV lamp and ultrafilter. This system has demonstrated the ability to remove nucleuses such as RNase and DNase as well as DNA from challenged feed water. The water exiting the system is ideal for your most demanding molecular biology applications including; PCR, electrophoresis, as well as cell and tissue culture. The system includes automatic cleaning as well as automatic and manual ultrafilter flushing. The system produces ultrapure water containing < 0.001 Eu/ml of pyrogens, TOC values < 1-5 ppb, resistivities up to 18.2 megohm-cm and no detectable RNase, DNase and DNA.

Unique Features – NANOpure DIamond Life Science (UV/UF)
• Product water will not degrade RNA…ideal for DNA amplification (PCR) and electrophoresis
• Removes RNase, DNase and DNA from concentrated feed sources
• An automatic or manual intermittent flush cleans the ultrafilter without wasting valuable high purity water
• Produces low cost pyrogen-free (< 0.001 Eu/ml) water for tissue and cell culture and monoclonal antibody production
• Water exiting the system has < 1 CFU/ml bacteria levels
• Deliver water up to 8 feet away with the optional remote dispenser
• Comes complete with a wall mounting bracket

  More details on NANOpure DIamond Life Science UV-UF 

TOC Analyser

TOC Analyser
A resistivity meter reading 18.2MΩ-cm ensures that charged species are absent from water; but what about neutral or weakly charged organics? 

The NANOpure equiped with the TOC Analyser provide accurate monitoring of the TOV value in the range of 1-250 ppb.

  More details on TOC Analyser 


NANOPURE DIamond Technical details

Product Description

Purity up to 18.2 megohms-cm—exceeds ASTM, CAP and NCCLS Type I water requirements.
Delivers up to 1.5 Liters Per Minute of purified water

• Choose from four application specific models—then customize your system with the best cartridge pack for your needs.
• Multi-language display.
• Bring your water to your work—with the optional remote dispenser. Water can be dispensed up to 8 feet from your system.
• One model accounts for worldwide voltages and fluctuations.
• Universal design allows for wall or bench mounting.
• Feed water pressure fluctuations are no problem with the DIamond. Every system comes complete with a pressure-regulating valve.
• TOC (Total Organic Carbon) analyzer models available.
• Volumetric and timed dispense features allow you to fill carboys without monitoring
• Feed water and application specific cartridge packs provide for optimum removal capabilities of unwanted contaminants
• Delivers up to 1.5 Liters Per Minute of purified water
• All components are constructed of extremely inert materials ensuring maximum ionic and organic purity
• System Diagnostics allows you to evaluate important system and alerts you if a problem exists
• The system can be programmed to alert you if the water quality drops below your desired set point.
• RS232 output enables you to print or save to a computer or an optional printer


• Purity up to 18.2 megohms-cm—exceeds ASTM, CAP and NCCLS Type I water requirements.
• Complies with USP 28 guidelines with compensated and uncompensated resistivity measurements.
• Whisper quiet operation with the newest pump technologies.
• Automatic sanitization cycle helps keep your system clean.
• Maintain your water quality during periods of non-use with the standby mode of operation recirculating water for 10 minutes every hour.
• Maintain bacterial and particle free water with a 0.2 micron final filter.
• Trust your purity reading with automatic calibration verification of the electronics and optional NIST traceable calibration module.






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